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Today, adults in America are reporting greater rates of loneliness and isolation than ever before. That’s chilling, especially for today’s generation of young adults moving into college and beyond.

Whether it’s reaching out to people in the midst of our hectic work lives, engaging in deeper conversations with friends, or investing in lasting relationships, it can be tough to keep our social networks alive and healthy.

What we’ve learned, talking with dozens and dozens of people in college and out, is that our generation is haunted by these kinds of questions:

  • "Do I have the right friendships?"
  • "Is this relationship going to last?"
  • "Am I doing enough?"

These questions haunt us because they force us to ask whether or not we have the “right blank”, where that blank ranges from cars to friends to life itself. It’s scary because it’s unknown.

We’d like to introduce you to Supportive, a free guided conversation tool that helps you create closer and more meaningful relationships. Our audio guide activities for pairs help you slow down and find equal footing with in-person, real conversations which incorporate meditation, lessons on relationships, and more.

We’ve found Supportive to not only help people find meaningful conversation (even with strangers), but also transform how a person thinks about friendship and love. We’d love for you to try it today.

If you want to share feedback or schedule a workshop, contact us at clgibbs@stanford.edu or andrewslee@stanford.edu

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