Our mission is to support people

We started Supportive because we saw again and again — in our relationship, and in others’ — that people struggle to communicate well. Especially for the important things.

Often, we don’t feel adequately prepared to talk about the tough subjects. Or, we don’t feel like there’s time or space to open up. We wanted to create a modern guide for friends and couples to do just that.

Motivated by personal struggles with communication and well-being, we’ve spent months working with young adults in college and out. What came out of that process is Supportive, a continually evolving tool for people to use to move through the difficult conversations we all go through.

For perhaps one of the only times in our lives, we have the freedom to work on Supportive without the goal of making money. And for that, we feel lucky. Our mission is truly to help without any expectation of being paid.

If you want to share feedback or schedule a workshop, contact us at clgibbs@stanford.edu and andrewslee@stanford.edu

Photo of Andrew and Nina

Above: Andrew (left) and Nina (right)

We’re building our community.

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